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K/D Metal Wire Tube, Display Rack, TV Rack, Kitchenware, Clothes Shelf Australia imports, the dress wholesales the retail price, advertising for the agency the distributor, the dress orders to do Bumpers, Spoilers, Hood, Spoiler Wings, Intakes, Sideview Mirror Battery Travel Charger Plug in Saver Charger Multimedia AV Player Wireless Internet Phone Portable Hands Free Plug In Handsfree Vitamins & Products Media, Exhibition VOIP Phone VOIP Gateway/IAD/ATA Phone Number DNS telecommunication products & fiber optic active & passive components adapter (MF, FF, hybrid, bare fiber, loopback), attenuators, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, couplers, splitters, connectors, fiber optic cables ( Liner Ball Bearing, Linear Guide, Ball Screw, Support Unit, Safety Bearing Nut, Oilless Bearing Series, Miniature Slide Guides, No man transports a car, Precise clamping slippery set, The flames incis PALLETISER AND DE PALLETISER,CONVEYORS,CONVEYORS, OTHER,PRODUCTION ASSEMBLY LINES FOR TV OR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS,FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM FMS,AUTO WAREHOUSE SYSTEM,LCM & LCD. LINE, BUFFER & AUTO Other Stationery, Novelty Products, Office Supplies, Pens Food & Beverages Taiwan Neck & Waist Tractors, Medical Protectors & Supporters, Heat Treatment Device, Other Massage Products, Beauty Supplies Set, NosmoQ Keyboard, Mouse FLESHING MACHINES,SHAVING MACHINES,VACUUM DRYERS,TOGGLING DRYERS,VIBRATION STAKING MACHINES,BUFFING MACHINES FOR LEATHER,SPRAYING EQUIPMENT FOR LEATHER,PLATING MACHINES FOR LEATHER,CONTINUOUS ROLLING Leather Tanning Machines data communication hardwares fax/ modems, radio modems and remote control device, ISDN products, etc.. geophysical instruments, memory modules, and accessories for apple computer system. Coils Inductors, SMD, Multilayer Interconnect Solutions Connectors & Cables High Density I/O Connector Fine Pitch Board to Board Connector LVDS High Transmission Cable & Assomblies High Performance Cable & Assomblies Compact Flash Ca Capacitive Touch Screens (including Controllers), Resistive Touch Screens (including Controllers), Touch Monitors, Touch Screens, Touch Pen Automatic Control Pannels Programmable Logic Controller Keyboard Application Programs Program Controller Numerical Control System Microcomputer Controlled System AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY MACHINES,ROBOT FOR INDUSTRIAL USE,AUTO LOADING, UNLOADING SYSTEM FOR SEMI CONDUCTOR,DIE BONDER,OVENS FOR LABORATORY USE,AUTOMATIC MACHINE FOR SEMI CONDUCTOR electronic semiconductor equipments including automated/ dual wafer/ PCB die bonders, tube loaders, ( leadframe) magazine handlers, waffle pack changers, handling& PR system with integrated laser weld router machine,hot bar machine Home Supplies Taiwan cellular phone accessories portable hands free series, earphone & microphones, chargers. Ceiling Lamp, Ceiling Mounts, Chandelier Lamp, Desk Lamp, Desk Light, Floor Lamp, Linear Lights, Parts & Accessories, Sport Light, Table Lamp, Track Lights, Wall Lamp TOOLS, CUTTERS, MOULDS AND DIES,CUTTERS OF INSERTED CARBIDE,END MILL,DRILLS,DISPOSABLE MILLING CUTTER,HIGH SPEED CUTTERS,END MILLS,SIDE MILLING CUTTERS,REAMERS,DIAMOND & CBN TOOLS AND CUTTERS,PCD TOOL ETM brand Solid Carbide Cutting Tools, Micro Grain End Mill Series, Ultra Micro Grain Carbide End Mills Series, Micro Grain Carbide Drills, Reamers, Rods, Technical Data Materials Data Storage Device, USB Hub, External Storage/HDD/CD ROM Frames Cases, Computer Case, Interface / Add On Card aluminum products, headers & terminals, drive shaft, brass products, gear and related parts, accessories & parts, printers & accessories, optical material , A PLUS PRECISION COMPANY Plugs, Jacks, Sockets, Switches, Connectors, Binding Post, Terminal Board, Rca Plug, Mini Din Plug, RF Connectorm Solar Light, Window/Door Entry Alarm, MP3, Radio, Jump Starter, Spotlight, Car Tools, computer & PC peripheral & parts & accessory ( accessories) (1) memory card adapters CF I PCMCIA, CF II PCMCIA, 5 in 1 PCMCIA ( SM, SD, MMC, MS, MS pro), 5 in 1 PCMCIA adapters + USB reader supports ( SOHO Furniture, OA Furniture, Furniture, Computer Desk Carrier Tapes, Cover Tapes Peel Force Analyzer Plastic Reel Taping Machine Coaxial Connector, Computer Cable, Coaxial Cable PC Cameras, Mouse, Computer Cable, Coomputer Connector, Wireless Networking Products, LAN Aluminum Zinc Cast Nuts, Other Parts for K/D Furniture Chandeliers, Wrought Iron Lamp Stands, Resin finials, Desk Lamps, Chandeliers, Ceiling Mounts, Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, Lamp, sriades, Glass Attachments, Parts, Accessories Resistors Network Resistors Carbon Film Fixed Resistors Metal Film Fixed Resistors Wire Wound Fixed Resistors Cement Wire Wound Resistors Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors Precision Resistors Micro Res Teflon TFP Insulated High Temperature Wire Electric Pipe Heater Quartz Heater Pipe Accessories of Kiln, Ceramic Heating Element Thermometer Digital Meters Automated Test Equipment Other Automated Test PLCC Socket Dip Type and SMT Type Mini PLCC Socket FPC/FFC ZIF SMT Connector SD Card Connector Smart Card Connector Battery Charger for Automobile Industrial (Heavy Duty) Power Supplies Switching Power Supplies DC Power Supplies for Communications DC DC Converter Computer Case Car Accessories, Battery Cable, Electric e Turbo System, Turbo Kid Set Clutch, Brake, Gear Reducer, CNC Lathe, Electrical Components, Servo and Control Unit, Tools, Cutting Tools and Molds Portable Data Storage Device Paddy Rice, Dry Land Corps building hardware, stamping parts, hinge, fitting parts, door locker, furniture hardware, window hardware, door hardware, photo frame hardware, miscellaneous hardware, case buckle, piano hinges, lid s Insulating Materials Analyzing Machine, Measuring Machine, Testing Machine Computer Cable, Other Computer Parts & Components BMX, Children's Bicycle, Racing Bicycle, Mountain Bicycle, All Terrain Bicycle Braked Disc, Steering Release Mount, 6 Piston Forged Aluminum Alloy Calipers, 4 Piston Forged Aluminum Alloy Calipers, Brake System, Spacer, Disc, Piston, Steering Wheels, Brake Calipers, Brake Pipes, Workstation, Portable PC, Industrial PC, Tablet PC, Other Special Computer Systems, Terminal GEAR INCREASERS(REDUCERS),GEAR REDUCER MOTORS,ELECTRIC BRAKE DEVICES INDUSTRIAL USE,COUPLING, SHAFT,INVERTERS Coooling fan for hard disk drive, desktop, server, power supply & notebook PC, CPU cooler, VGA/Chipset cooler, CD ROM writer cooler, all DC fan series. Performance Lamp, Head Light, Tail Light, Steering Wheels, Tuning Mirror, Suspension Parts, Trend Accessories, Truck Parts Trading Company Brake Pads, Cranks, Hubs, Quick Release, Disc, Disc Brake Pads, Hubs (Alloy) Tiffany Lamps, Night Light, Artistic Glass Lamps, Glass Shades, Stained Glass Window, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Wall Lamp, Pendant, Bronze Lamps Base Finish, Spot Light, Down Light, Ceiling Mount, Cha wall mounted mirror, desktop mirror, bathroom fittings, mirrors, Products Exported: Industrial Single Board Computer, PC/104 Module, Industrial PC Chassis, Passive Backplane  Other Computer Peripherals Products, Adaptor, Computer Accessories Magazines, CD ROM, Network Management and Services, Books and Magazines Brake Parts, Brake Master Cylinder Aasmblies, Primary Pistons, Secondary Pistons, Wheel Cylinder Assemblies, Wheel Pistons & Cylinder, Bleeders, Front Caliper Assemblies, Rear Caliper Assemblies, Fron Laptop Security Lock Key Switches Cam Locks Steering Wheel Lock Car Gear Lock Voice Digital Door Lock Alarm Door Lock Lock Cylinder Switch Lock kitchenware, kitchen equipment, commercial kitchen equipment & housewares toaster/ retisserie/ convection oven, electric ovens, toasters, computerized back massagers. MACHINERY PARTS AND ELEMENTS,BALL SCREWS,LINEAR GUIDEWAY,LINEAR BEARING,COUPLING, SHAFT,PRECISION PARTS OF MACHINERY,PRECISION TRANSMISSION PARTS AND COMPONENTS,MACHINE PARTS AND COMPONENT FOR MILITAR Transmission Shafts, Cranks, Pulleys & Pulley Blocks Synthetic Resin Chip Inductor Fixed Inductor Transformer Input/Output Transformer AF & RF Transformer Matching Transformer Pulse Transformer Miniature Transformer Coil Peaking Coil Miniature Coil Toroidal Coil Molded 11 years of components for handheld electronics At A Best Wire Harness and Components, we use 11 years of manufacturing and international trading experience to produce parts for cell phones and other Coffee & Tea Makers, Anti Choking Caps, Formula Quantifying Jars, Throttle Flow Anti Choking Milk Bottles Automated Ultrasonic Dointing Machine, Automatic Control System Digital Still Cameras Lenses, Filter, Scanner, Bar Code Reader, DSC, CAMERA, Video Camera, Facsimile Machine, Projector, Laser Pointer, Digital Still Camera, PC Camera, Telephone, Multi Coating, Photocopier, Projection TV Eeletric Screwdrivers AbleMate Co., Ltd.COMPANY PROFILEAbleMate Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, grew from a small company to a professional design, manufacturing and export trading. Our products range from the widely acclai Compact Flash Card Kit Set PCMCIA Card Kit Set Smart Media Card Kit Set SD Memory Card Kit, MS Memory Card Kit Bluetooth Compact Flash Card Kit Set Wire LAN PCMCIA Card Kit Set GPS Compact Flash Card computer components computer PC mainboard ( motherboards), VGA card, sound card, or other PCB related finished products Interface/Add On Card, I/O Adapter Card, Router, Storage & Filing Devices, Data Switch (Switch Box), Riser Card for IPC, Book PC (1) pet products pet strollers, pet stroller, dog trailers, bike dog trailers, dog bicycle trailers, pet trailers. (2) baby products prams, buggy ( buggies), folding ( foldable) baby strollers, baby j Networking Products, Communication Products, Ethernet, Modem, Router, USB Hub, Portable PC electronic products chip mould storage media& various test device of memory products. 1. Electrnoics consumables (especially for portable A/V product2. PCB cutting tools of driller and router3. Labeling relative automative eqipment electronic components LED Products, lights emitting diodes, LED lights ( lighting) sources, LED lamps & bulbs, SMD LED, high power LED, infrared LED, outdoor ultra bright lamp, bi color & super bright Transformers, Electronic Components, Computer Peripheral, Printing Machine, Medical Equipment, Optical Instrument, Electric Machinery, High Precision Three Phase Induction Motor, Other Services, Printing Machine (For Plastic), Industrial Power Capacitor, Switch Gear, Hot Stamping and Printing Machines, Rolling Mills Financing and Leasing, , Other Extrusion Plants, Services, Publishers, Software and Computer Engineering Other Extrusion Plants, Association, , Publishers, Financing and Leasing, , Fitness Parts & Accessories Data Storage Device SCSI adapter, IDE adapter, SCSI / IDE chip, SCSIDE series, SCSI IDE bridge. Computer Case, Switching Power Supply, Computer Accessories (1) hand tools ( handtools), automotive repair tool, spray paint gun accessory, motorcycle special tools, pneumatic air tools air brushes & sanders, pressure tanks, undercoating guns, air &riveters & Power Supplies for Computer, Switching Power Supply, Adaptor, Other Computer Parts & Components LED Lamp LED Digital Display LED Dot matrix LED SMT Lamp Communication Products LCD Display Car Burglar Alarm Remote Control Devices computer peripherals including fiber optic products, copper wire transmission equipments, ADSL/ HDSL (high bit rate digital subscriber line), fiber modems, multiplexers, etc... electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts (1) custom cable assemblies ( assembly) SCSI cables, fiber optic cable, firewire & iLink cables, 1394 to PCMCIA switch cables, LED cables, jumper Multimedia Products, Keyboard, Mouse Double Injection Keytops Telephone Keypad, Water Proof Metal Keypad, Backlighting Silicone Rubber Keypad All Terrain Bicycle, Frame, Folding Bike wheat, sugar, maize, scrap steel, copper cathode Electrical Starting and Ignition Equipment Communication Products, ADSL, Internet Services Provider, Aluminum Case, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Data Storage Device Die Casting Molds, Die Cast Parts, Precise Electronic Connectors, Combination Locks, Auto Handles, Hardware TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TOOLS AND CUTTERS woodworking ( wood working) machinery ( machines, machineries) & equipments supply ( supplies) automatic wide belt sanders, automatic wide planers & sealer sanders, 3 ( three) heads sanders, single & MILLING MACHINES,ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE,CNC MILLING MACHINES,MACHINING CENTERS,CNC ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE Proximity Switches Cutter, Knife, Saw, Hack Saw, Tape Measure, Measuring Tape, Fiberglass Measuring Tape, Long Steel Tape, Aluminum Spirit Level, DIY Tool, Hand Tool, Measuring Tool, Building Hardware, Hardware Data Storage Device OTHER LATHE,UNIVERSAL,MILLING MACHINES,GRINDING MACHINES,MOULDS & DIES,PLASTIC FORMING MACHINES,METAL WORKING SERVICE INDUSTRY Fan Heater Fan, Air Purifier Parts & Mold CNC ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE,CNC WIRE CUT MACHINE,CNC DRILLING ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE Machinery manufacturer produces machinery of CNC wire cutting, submarine type cutting, flushing type cutting, EDM (electric discharge machines), wire EDM machining, electrical discharge machining, WED CNC WIRE CUT MACHINE CNC LATHES,MACHINING CENTERS Aluminum Alloy Wheel Industrial PC, PDA, Point of Sale PC/System, Touch Screens, Global Position System(GPS), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Digital Cameras Power Cables Rubber Insulated Power Cables Special Power Cable Communication & Fiber Optic Cables Data Processing System & Office Equipment Personal Digital Assistant Input/Output Peripherals Digitizers/Graphics Tablets Digital Notepad with Memory Portable PC, Tablet PC, Digitizers, Handwriting Input Devices, Portable Data Storage Device, Application Software, Word Processing System Valve, Ball, Machinery, Hardware Parts, Investment Castings,Stainless, Steel,Fittings, Carbon, Metal, Auto Part Track Lights, Spotlights, Recessed Lights, Pendant Lights, Linear/Mini Track Lights, Chandeliers, Xenon Bulb Lights, Ceiling Mounts, Wall Lamps, DIY Lights, Parts & Accessories, Dimmers, Transformer, Automation Drive Control System AC Motor Drive Controller & Monitor System Automation Mechanical Transmission System electronic components & electrical parts, network hardware products (1) cisco compatible products stackwise & SFP cables, router & TELCO cables, fiber & HSSI cables, gigastack cables. (2) DVI & HDMI e Curtains, Portiers, Draperies & Valances Arts, Crafts, and Gifts Wood, Wicker, and Bamboo Golf Equipment, Golf Club, Golf Bag, Golf Trolley, Golf Accessory, Tennis Racket & Accessory, Badminton Racket & Accessory, Squash Racket & Accessory Dehydrated Food transportation, sports ( sporting) equipments & parts (1) rear shocks air shocks, coil shocks, pumps. (2) motor shocks MT RC, MA AR, BWS, DU 310AR. (3) suspension forks, mountain bikes, DNM, shock abs Personal Computer Input/Output Peripherals Modems Fax Modems Sporting Goods, Sporting Goods Manufacture, Outdoor Goods Manufacture, Golf manufacture, Golf product Manufacturer of nylon filament yarn, polyester textured yarns, nylon/polyester conjugate micro filament yarn, lyocell filament , and micro fiber cloth since 1988. Certificated of ISO9001, Okeotex. tex Parts & Accessories, Down Light, Track, Lights, Light, Lamps, Lamp, Track Lights, Lamp Part, Light Part, Mini Track, Ceiling Mounts TFT LCD TV, Projectors, Laptop / Notebook, Desktop PC, PDA, Tablet PC, LCD Display Data Processing System & Office Equipment Data Processing System Small Business System CAD/CAM Equipment Local Area Network & Workstation Personal Computer Note Book PC Interface Equipment for Compute K/D File Drawers with Versatile Combinations CNC ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE,CNC WIRE CUT MACHINE,CNC DRILLING ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE USB HUB, USB Mouse, USB Card Readers or Drivers, Computer & Peripherals Products, PCMCIA (PC) Cards, Mobile Disk BMX, Freestyle, Mini Bicycle, Children's Bicycle, Tricycle, Other Parts Power Supplies for Computer, Switching Power Supply Educational Software PLAIN BEARINGS,DRY BEARING LINED PTFE,SOLID LUBRICANTS BURIED BEARING,BUSHES,BI METAL,VALYE PLATE FOR HYDRAULIC PUMP,VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT PISTON PUMP,CYLINDER BARREL, PISTON & SHOE SHAFT AND OTHERS P die casting products & aluminum alloy parts machinery ( machine) accessory ( accessories), auto parts, auto ( automobile, automotive, car) part, electric equipment parts, fan wings, motorcycle parts, Other Automation Equipments Soft Ferrite Cores Soft Ferrite Powder STEEL MOULDS,TOWER, VESSELS & RELATED EQUIPMENTS,PARTS OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY MACHINES,STEEL STRUCTURES,END PLATE,FABRICATION ( OIL TANK, PIPING STORAGE TANK..ETC.),CONVEYORS,ELEVATORS,ESCALATORS,MACHIN Pine Wood & Canvas Wardrobe, Pine Wood Shelving, Wooden Hanger, Pine Table, Secretary Desks, Children's Desks, Shoe Closets, Chest of Drawers, Pine Bed Series, Pine Display Rack Series, Wardrobe Serie DYEING & FINISHING MACHINES,MACHINERY FOR LEATHER INDUSTRY,APPARATUS AND MACHINERY FOR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY,STEEL STRUCTURES,PRESSURE VESSELS ( SPHERICAL STORAGE TANKS...ETC.) Smart Card Connector P.C.B. Connector Computer & Peripheral Connectors Telephone Jack & Plug I.C.Socket, PLCC Socket LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel, LCD Display memory modules, SDRAM modules from 16MB to 256MB, multi media products, DVD ROM, DVD player, CD ROM notebook storage devices and LCD modules, TFT and DSTN LCD panels. 2.4GHz Wireless PC to TV System 2.4GHz Wireless Monitoring System and Baby Monitor System 2.4GHz Wireless AV Sender System Digital Wireless IRDA/IR Extender System Universal Automobile Power Adaptor for Notebook Computer Battery Charger for Cellular Phones Travel Charger Plug in Server/Charger Cellular Phone Parts Hands Free for Cellular Phone Speaker Telephone RF & Microwave Transistor (Bipolar & Field Effect, Incl. Standard TTL ICs CMOS ICs ICs for Microprocessors Microcomputers (I) Signal Processors Dynamic RAM Fast Static RAM Mask Type ROM Fuse Link Type Global Position System(GPS) Mother Board Office Furniture Products, OA Furniture, Office Furniture 1.Nylon & Polyester technical and functional fabric 2.Garment & accessaries for Profectional racing motorcyling 3. Medical mask and clean room clothing for electronic & hospitalNylon & Storage & Filing Devices PPTC Rectifier ZnO Varistor Gas Discharge Tube Charger Switching Power Supply electronic components(1) external & open frame enclosure (2) U bracket =& din rail power supplies, medical power & industrial ( industry) power supply, LCD panel & moving sign power supply, LED driver CNC EDM (Die Sinking Type), EDM Plastic Handbags & Wallets Multilayer Chip Resistors Multilayer Chip Capacitors Multilayer Chip Inductor Transformer SMD Transformer Chip Coil Choke Other Coil Ferrite Core SMD Wirewound Chip Inductors SMD Power Inductors JIGS,LATHE CUTTERS,TOOL HOLDERS,NC TOOLING SYSTEM FOR MACHINING CENTER,TOOL PRESETTER,MILL ARBORS,REAMERS MP3 Players, USB Hub, Other Computer Peripherals Products, Mouse, Memory Cards Reader, Writer, Portable Data Storage Device Transmission System, Rubber Parts, Lamp, Mirror plastic & rubber injection molding ( moulding, mold, mould) design, mold maker CAD & CAM drawings, RP, CNC milling prototype, mechanical designs, mold tooling, silicone mold, molded products assembly Lighter electronic devices& accessories including LCD( liquid crystal display) television, novelty/ sport/ car/ LCD TV ( monitors), LCD VCD( video compact disc) compo, LCD audio/ video boombox, LCD modules, T PRESSES, HYDRAULIC,PRESSES, HYDRAULIC TYPE,PRESSES, PNEUMATIC TYPE,AUTOMATIC CONTROL SYSTEM Computer peripherals from an 16 year maker Founded in 1990, Action Star provides CE and FCC approved computer peripherals on both a made to order and an OEM basis. Our products include USB 1.1/2.0 hub TOOL HOLDERS,NC TOOLING SYSTEM FOR MACHINING CENTER Backpack, Handle Bar, Lamp (Head), Pump, Frame, Handle Bar Stem, Plastic Spare Parts, Repair Kit, Saddle/Seat, Water Bottle Cage Electronic Ballast and Low Voltage Suitable for in House Commercial, Advertisement or Decoration Such As Beer Lamps, Coca Cola Lamps, etc.. ACCESSORIES FOR MACHINING CENTER,BALL SCREWS,ROBOT FOR INDUSTRIAL USE Multimedia Products, PC Cameras, Industry Vertical Software, MPEG Card, Video Converters, Security Systems Related Trousers, Slacks, Shorts & Pants Fitness Equipment, Treadmills, Indoor Exercise Bikes, Steppers, Home Gyms, Weight Benches Cotton Velveteens & Corduroys Laser Equipment For Entertainment, Laser Pointer PU Polystyrene Foam Machines DC Fan, Notebook Fan Heatpipe And Its Application CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler Sharp Cooler For Note Book PC METAL CUTTING MACHINE TOOLS,BAND SAW, HORIZONTAL TYPE Color CCD Camera, CCTV Closed Circuit Television, CCTV Camera, DVR(Digital Video Recorder), LCD Display, Touch Screens, P.O.S. System, Cash Register computer peripherals including pickup heads& mechanism& loaders for DVD ROM/ CD RW/ DVD RAM drives& DVD players... Auto Spare Parts, Brake System, Transmission System, Chassis Parts In 1992, Acute Ideas introduced Paci Temp digital pacifier thermometer, the best seller and the winner of the " Good Product Design Award" of Taiwan in 1993. Since then, the company has emerge PC based Logic Analyzer LA2000P Series PC based Pocket PG 2000 Series PC Based Pocket DS1000 Series PC based Programmable Data Generator PG2000 Series PC Based Poket LA1000 Series (1) monitor series for PC, banking systems, POS, ATM machines, industrial machines, and video games.(2) CCTV monitors for surveillance applications, and CCTV security use monitor. Diplexer Couplers High Frequency Chip Inductors Chip Antenna Balun Band Pass Filters Low Pass Filter Diplexer(Switch Incl. Inded) Offers air nippers for cutting metal wire and plastic, as well as air plate shears for cutting rubber and plastic board. Categories this company is listedunder in the North American Suppliers Director Power Rectifier Power Bank Power Regulator DC to AC Inverter Synchronous Dual Battery Charger Battery Charger for Automobile Sun Power Controlling System Battery Charger Multi Function Charger & Disch MILLING MACHINES,GEARS,OTHER METAL WORKING SERVICE INDUSTRIES,MACHINERY HARDWARE PARTS Water Meters Autoparts, Mirrors, Headlamps, Tail Lamps, Fog Lamps, LED Bulbs, Bumper Lamps, Mold, Moldtooling, Plastic, Rubber, Car Cooler, Window Regulator Memory Card, Multimedia Products, Adaptor, DRAM, SDRAM, Flash Memory Device Industrial P.C., DSP, Embbed System Solution Voltage Stabilizer Power Converter Automatic Emergency Lighting Sets Infrared Detector Digital Meters Insulation/Puncture Tester Linear Power Supply Switching Power Supply Uninterruptible Power Supply DC Converter for Automobile Plug Battery Pack Batteries Charger CPU Cooler Coder Telephone Pickup DC Brushless Fan, AC Cooling Fan Cooling Fan & Blower, Other Computer Parts & Components (1) bathroom& toilet wares including bathroom apparatus. (2) giftwares including ceramic& polyresin crafts, coin banks, condiment sets, jewelry boxes, mugs & cups, photograph frames, porcelains( china Hotmelt Disensing Systems, Electrostatic Spray Systems, Specialized Web Coating Systems, Asymtek Automated Dispensing Systems, Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Systems, Adhesive Application and Detecti Crackers & Fireworks Mobile Phone Accessory, Mobile Disk, Consumer Electronics Products, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Ethernet, USB Mouse, USB Cameras Internet Services, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), ISR (International Simple Resale) Batteries Charger Receiver Transmitter Walkie Talkie Electronic Switch Systems Intercom Derailleurs ANL Fuse, DC to AC Power Inverters, DC 24V to DC 12V Converter Personal Computer electrical & electronic products multi function inverter, inverter driving induction motor, clutch motor, industrial fan motors. DC Brushless Motor and Driver Three Phase Induction Motor Standard Type Three Phase Induction Motor Standard Type( 11Kw and Under ) Clutch Motors DC Brushless Motor and Driver for Electrical Vehicles Industrial PC, Communication Products, Adaptor, Application Software, Interface/Add On Card, I/O Adapter Card AUTOMATIC MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT,DIE SAFETY DETDECTOR,PRECISION MACHINERY, INSPECTING AND TESTING EQUIPMENT,OPTICAL MEASURING SYSTEN,OTHER INSPECTING & TESTING MACHINES,DETELTORS FOR DIE SAFETY CF Header Connector CF Card Adapter Type(I) CF Card Adapter Type(II) RS MMC Adapter Mini SD Adapter SD Card Connector SD+MMC Card Connector Door Viewer, Door Knocker, Door Guard, Door Chain, Door Stupper, Flush Bolts, Door Knot Chain Door Gard, Hinges Door Locks, Ball Catch, Switch Plate Bathroom Accessories, Mixer, Rack, Shelves, Brass, Hardware, Furniture, Lighting, Lamp Fixtures, Sanitary Equipment, Storage racks, Towel racks, Soap holders, Tissue holders, Shower equipment, Parts f Celluar Phone,Mobile Phone computer components multi media notebook PC computer, mainboard ( motherboard), color monitor, microprocessor digital control greenmate display monitor. Over 2 decades of manufacturing experience Advance Jewel Group, founded in 1984, is a specialized manufacturer of gemstone ornaments, crafts, and jewelry. With extensive research and development and Semi Precious Stone, Semi Precious Stone Jewelry, Imitation Jewelry CNC LATHES,CNC DRILLING & MILLING CENTER,CNC MILLING MACHINES Grinding Mill, Crusher & Pulverizer, Equipment for Production of Rice Noodle, Mixer (for Bakeries), Automatic Quantitation Filling & Packing Machine Car Burglar Alarm 4ch DVR Day & Night Hi Resolution Camera IR Camera, 84pcs LED 22 X Zoom Camera C/L DOME Camera IR, Vandal proof, DEME C/L, Hi Resolution Camera 3.5 8mm Vari Focal Camera 28pcs LED. IR Camera 22X Speed CCTV Camera, CCTV Closed Circuit Television, CCTV System, Color CCD Camera, Digital Color Quad Processor, Digital Camera, Color Monitor, DVR(Digital Video Recorder) DECT PABX DECT Feature Phone and With GSM Dual Model DECT Phones 1.8GHZ, 1.9GHZ, and 2.4GHZ IP Phone Bluetooth Module DECT Headset Bluetooth Technology (Voice & Data) Bluetooth Headset DECT RF Module DECT Headset, DECT Volp Phone, Volp Phone, DECT Phone, DECT PABX System, ADSL Router With DECT Volp Phone, DECT With WLAN Volp Gateway, DECT IP PABX Microphone, Speakers Component Buzzer Telephone Receiver Condenser Microphone Speaker Mylar Speaker Mini Speaker Microphone for Telephone Music Card & etc. Connectors for Electronics Manufacturer of electronic, electric & electrical barcode readers, scanners products & peripherals, including bar code scanning products, POS systems, CCD scanners, industrial CCD & laser scanners, ha Card Reader Flash Memory Card Flexible Printed Circuits electronic products wafer bumping applied for LCD driver IC, flip chip assembly, opto electronic and bio medical industries. Lathes, Broaching Machines, Special purpose Machines, Cutting Machines, Automated Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machines, Two process Equipment for Hand Tools All Terrain Bicycle, Fender (Mudguard), Grips, Pump, Brake, Fork (Front), Lock, Other Parts NAS(Network Attached Storage) LAN Component USB Cameras Communication Propocts LAN System Booster LAN Coaxial Connectors Printed Circuit Edge Connectors Flat Cable Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors Special Purpose Connectors Plug, Jack General Electronic Socket IC Socket (for DIPs) networking products fast ethernet switches/ hubs/ NICs, Desk100 TX/100MAC card, AvStack switch. Diapers Panel PCs Single Board Computer Card PC Solid State Disks HMIS E Server Systems PC/104 Modules Industrial Workstation RAID Sub Systems Universal Programmer PCMCIA Communication Card provide optimum testing solution (1) engineering foundry design in testing, test program development/ convert, test results analysis.(2) full range of foundry wafer sort, laser repair, final test, pac Driers Glue & Gelatin Electric Hair Dressing Apparatus electronic ( electrical, electric) power tools supply ( supplies) (1) special power tools power massagers, rechargeable punch down tools, cordless screwdrivers, cordless drill drivers. (2) cordless po Precision Defender FTC Accuracy, CNC Lathe Series Cables & Cordages of Iron or Steel Vertical Machining Center, OEM CNC AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGING SYSTEM,CNC DRILLING & TAPPING MACHINES,CNC MILLING MACHINES,CNC VERTICAL MILLING MACHINES,MACHINING CENTERS,VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER,CASTINGS, CARBON STEEL,CASTINGS, HIGH Cellular Phone Accessories cellular phone accessories including handsfree kits, twin slot battery charger, travel charger, single battery charger, universal phone holder, plug in saver/ charger and more. Digital Camera Video Conferencing Systems Digital Camera W/USB Input Barcode Optical Engine E.O. Products E O System/Device Design 2D Barcode Optical Engine Radio Telescope Compass Telescope Vehicles and Transportation Other Vehicles Motorcycles, ATVs, Electric Vehicles Cooling Fan & Blower, Computer Case, Switching Power Supply, Other Computer Parts & Components Enzymes LPG,AERSOL BOTTLE, Color bottles, soy sauce bottles, water bottle,bottle,aerosol,spray,DME,water,Aeropet,cap,valve,nozzle,label,moose,nitrogen,carbon dioxide,N2,CO2,gas,pressure,container aviation& transportation including aircraft components, graphite composite fabrication, Forgings, aircrafts( fighters/ trainers), aero engines( afterburner liner fabrication, engine duct cases, parts Data Processing System & Office Equipment Main Board Communication Equipment Automated Test Equipment Medical Electronics OEM Folding bicycle Folding Bike, Folding Bike (Aluminum) CRANES,FORK LIFT,MANUFACTURE & WORKING SERVICE(FOR CLEAN ROOM),ASSEMBLY OF MACHINES,FABRICATION, CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING,FABRICATION, CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF E hi fi speakers, 3d speakers, home theatre systems, wireless speakers, speaker, home theater systems, portable dvd player, dvd players, dvd player , Affatek Tape Recorder and Parts Communications Car Burglar Alarm Automobiles Parts, Engine Parts, Engine Fitting, Radiator Cap, Stabilizer/Torsion Bar, Car Accessories, Spoiler, Dry Carbon Fiber Chip Set Injection Molding Machines, Injection, Stretch Blow Molding Machines, Injection Molding Machines, Multi Station, Injection Molding Machines, for Rubber, Indicator Ashtray, Desk Accessory, Framed Mirror, Glass Bathroom Scale, Glass Building Material, Glass Coaster, Glass Computer Desk, Glass Cutting Board, Glass Holder, Glass Plate, Glass Rack, Glass Shelf, Glas Multipurpose Furniture, Metal Tube Furniture, Metal Tube K/D Furniture, Liquor Cabinets/Racks, Buffet/Sideboard, Glass Display Stands and Cabinets, Metal Audio/Video Stands, Aluminum Flower Stands, St Vertical Machining Center, High Speed & High Accuracy Vertical Machining Center, CNC Lathe, Double Column Machining Center VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER,MACHINING CENTER, VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL,FIXTURES,ACCESSORIES FOR MACHINING CENTER,MOULDS & DIES Digital Video Recorder(DVR) Integrates miniaturization products and services, and provides microfluidics technology and information infrastructure to the global healthcare and life science industries. Categories this company is Veterinary Medicines & Drugs for Birds Vehicles and Transportation Other Vehicles manufacturing adaptors( from 0.5VA to 36VA) and transformers( from 0.5VA to 300VA), compact AC/ AC ( ac to ac ) adapters, desktop AC plug, travel charger for cellular phones. injection molding machine MACHINERY PARTS AND ELEMENTS,HYDRAULIC PRESSES, PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC MACHINERY,MACHINERY FOR PROCESSING PLASTICS,PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE,MACHINERY FOR RUBBER INDUSTRY,MANUFACTURE & WORKIN Multi Nation Travel Converter Plug Switchgear Sensor Night Light with Outlets Remote Control Power Center, Surge Protector, Green Monitor Computer Controlled Outlet Switch AC Outlets with Surge Protec Gas, Bar B Q, Gas Heater, Patio Heater, Computer Accessories, Consumer Electronics Products, Computer & Peripherals Products, Electric Thermal Appliances for Kitchen Use, Electric Welding Machine, Gas Automatic Transmission Gasket Kit, Engine System Gasket Christmas Lights, Pigtail Ornaments PLASTIC BAG,T SHIRT BAG,H.D.P.E.,PLASTIC Company overview Based in Taiwan, Ai Tek Incorporation is a Taiwan based manufacturer of flash memory products and related accessories. Our product line includes flash memory cards, USB card readers, Non Inductive Plastic Film Capacitor Metallized Plastic Film Capacitor Manufacturers and suppliers of electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and material capacitors, etc. exported to worldwide since 1983. ISO 9001 certified operation and international safety standar Computer and Electronics Telecommunications halogen lamps, head lamp for automobile, auto & motorcycle lamps, halogen lamps, emergency lighting, hid ballast complete set for headlights, led lighting fixture , Aidlite Remote Control household electrical appliances, kitchenwares& cooking utensils including infrared rays whirl wind ovens, oven toasters, steam boats& teppanyaki, BBQ( barbeque), multiple/ slow cookers, cake& pizza fr Digital Meters Digital Ammeters Digital Voltmeters Digital Microohmmeters Digital Panel Meters Time Counters and Frequency Counters Watt Hour Meter Watt Meters Transmitter Industry System Transmitters Table Lamps, Paper Lantern Lamp Manufacturer of security & safety systems & products, including fingerprint identification systems, access controls, door locks, biometric devices & security, accessory, etc. OEM & ODM orders are most RF Coaxial Connectors Fakra Smb Connectors A wide range of Auto Sunshades, Auto Accessories, Plastic & Rubber Parts toys, outdoor sports ( sporting) goods paintball, paintball ( paint ball) guns, air guns, electronic & mechanical paintball, paintball marker, paintball gun manufacturer, paintball marker. Electric Fan ( Ceiling Fan ) Air Deviser Industrial Co., Ltd., as signified by its name, is a specialist on air moving device. Our main products is centrifugal blower (sirocco fan) and blower fan wheel. With our management vision Blower, Sirocco Fans, Centrifugal Blowers, Multi blade Fans, Sirocco Fan Wheels, Fan Impeller, Blower Wheels, Industrial Fans, Exhaust Fans, Ventilators, Draught Fans, Blower Fans, Fan coil unit. Oil Free Screw Compressor, High Press Air compressor, Air Dryer, Air Fiter, Vacuum Pump, Desiccant, Air Dryer Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Rare Gases liquid filtration ( filter) housings , equipments & accessory ( accessories) (1) graco husky air operated ( air operated) double diaphragm pumps husky metal pumps, husky plastic pumps, husky FDA sanit electronic components & parts, clean room accessory ( accessories) & equipments, clean room design supply ( supplies) (1) antistatic garments, clean wears& hoods & caps, acid proof aprons, cleanroom g Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Equipment for Production of Mineral Water, Water Purification Equipment, Ozone Generator LAN Car Antenna Microwave Receiving System Antenna Antenna Components Mobil Phone Antenna Wireless LAN Antenna Bluetooth Products Established in 2000, ISO 9001 manufacturers and suppliers of wireless communication devices and LAN products that enable people to communicate effortlessly. Product lines include AP/bridge, dual radio Electric Mixers and Fruits Juice Extractors Founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning products & tool including tubing tool kits, door hinges, valves, charging hoses, color coded pressure/ compound gauges refrigera refrigeration product , air conditioning products , tool refrigerant oil separators, refrigeration accumulators,receivers, heat exchanger suction accumulator, replaceable core type, shell, tube refrig Industrial Ball Valves, Machinery & Hardware Parts, Automobile Parts, Investment Castings, Color Monitor, TV Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, AST Multi Media Kiosk electronic products RF/ QAM modules, PCP RF modules, Bi Directional amplifiers, wireless LANs. electronic ( electric, electrical) safe ( safety, security) systems (1) custom designed microwave & RF components, MMIC, RF IC & modules, RF receiver modules, wireless digital video transceiver module Auto Fuse Temperature Fuse Thermoprotector Telecommunication Service System Telecommunications Taiwan Promotion Items, Magnetic Health Series, Electronic Gifts, Consumer Electronics Products Power Supplies Industrial (Heavy Duty) Power Supplies Switching Power Supplies DC Power Supplies for Communications Switching Power Supply DC Fan CPU Coolers Round Cables Natural Seasoning, Cake Decoration, Food Grade Additives, Enzyme & Enzyme Extract, Yeast, Olive Oil, Organic Edible Oils, Vinegar Soft Drinks Massage chair,Nail SPA Massage Chair, Office massage chair, Face massage, Neck massager, Facial massager, Belt massager, Foot massager, Massage product, Breast massager, Humidifier, Ultrasonic Facial Crystal Oscillators Crystal Units Metal Can Crystal Oscillators Biochip Crystal Units (HC 49U) 4 Pad SMD Crystal Units Monolithic Crystal Filter (MCF) SAW Filter, SAW Resonators Ceramic SMD Crystal Oscillators 2 Pad SMD Crystal Units NC MACHINE TOOLS,CNC LATHES,CNC DRILLING & MILLING CENTER,CNC DRILLING MACHINES,CNC DRILLING & TAPPING MACHINES,CNC MILLING MACHINES,MACHINING CENTERS,VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER,HORIZONTAL MACHINING CE Silicon Rubber Connector Gold Plated Wire Connector Heat Sink Microphone Holder Silicon Rubber Keypads ACF FMC Flexible Metal Circuit Hard Drawn Copper Wire for Electrical Purpose Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes Rectangular Copper Bars for Electrical Purposes Tin Coated Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes Tin C DC to AC Inverter W/Battery Charger Power Supplies Uninterruptible Power Supplies DC to AC Inverter Stabilizer Manufacturer of eyewear, such as sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses, goggle, etc. OEM, ODM orders & designs are welcome. eyewear manufacturers kid ( kids, kiddie, kiddy) sunglasses manufactur Home Security System(Wireless) Multifunction Telephone Home Cordless Telephone Buzzer Car Burglar Alarm, Siren, Horn Speaker LED BAR Light for Emergence Vehicles or Marines Buzzer, Back up Warning Beepers Cable Assembly Plug Plug Receptor Connector, Terminal for Housing Wire Harness zine die casting pluming parts, bathroom ( bath room) hardware (1) faucet & faucet fittings bathroom faucets & spouts bath tub ( bathtub) tub spouts, bath tub diverter spouts, bath faucets, faucet sho Office Supplies, Promotion Items, Key Chain, Handbags, Purse & Wallet, Attache Case, Portfolio, Bag and Luggage Supplies, Handicraft Dining Room Furniture (Table, Chair, China Cabinet Consoles, Desks, Storage Cabinets, Sideboards, Server, Bar/Counter Stools, Bed Room Furniture (Dresser, Aromire, Nightstand, Chest, Mirror, Bed, Book Engine Parts, Gear Transmission Parts, Carburetors, Valves, Connecting Rods, Crankcase Covers, Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, Starter Motors, Kick Starters, Air Cylinders, Lamps, Rearview Mirrors Car Radar Detector Car Radar Detector, Laser Jammer We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our company Alfa & Beta Co., Ltd.. We specialize in car audio speakers, Hi Fi speakers & accessories for over 15 years and enjoys an excellent repu robot for plastics injection molding machine, sprue picker, traverse type handing device, side entry LAN Server, LAN Cards, Adaptor, Data Switch(Switch Box), Hub, Router, Wireless Lan Devices Dry Type Transformer Batteries Charging & Discharging Pannels Batteries Quality Control Equipment Industrial (Heavy Duty) Power Supplies Linear Power Supplies Uninterruptible Power Supplies DC Power S Traffic Control Equipment Power Supply, Ballast Inverter, UV Power Supply, ION Power Supply, Exit Sign LCD, LCD arm, flat panel arm, monitor arm, keyboard arm, computer, flat panel, monitor, arm, keyboard, drawer, ergonomic, laptop, PDA, sliding, accessories, light, workstation, underdesk, notebook, re auto parts, auto part, aluminum forged control arms, suspension arm, piston, brake calipers, connecting rods, wheel rim, discs, storz coupling, aluminium forgings, aluminum forgings, hot forging, forg chassis parts for sedan, steering linkage for automobile, upper arm, stabilizer bar, chassis parts for light duty truck, aluminum products, forging products , ALFOT Technologies Medicine, Health, and Environment Medical Garments, Pads, and Dressings Auto Spare Parts, Accessories Disc Brake System, Brake Pads, Caliper Brake, Brake, Brake Cable Sheath (Outer Cable), Brake (Front), Brake Cable, Brake Shoes System Chip Sets PICA Chip Set for PC/Workstation Under Windows Nt I/O Peripherals Chip Sets SVGA/Windows Accelerator Multimedia Chip Sets Chip Set Power Feed, Air Power Drawbar Electric Fan Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Publishers Cable Assembly Series Antenna Assembly Series Connectors for Electronics Coaxial Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors Special Purpose Connectors Video Server DVR IP Camera Surveillance Camera (PT/PTZ Camera) Digital Panel Meters Microprocess Controller Meters Signal Transmitters Power Transducers About Aliteam Founded in 2000, we manufacture consumer electronic products, including a wide range of wired and wireless headphones, microphones and speakers. Our goal is to provide customers with hig CCTV, Camera, Security, Surveillances, Wireless Camera, Wireless A/V Sender, LCD Monitor, Communications, Computer Peripherals Input/Output Peripherals LAN Equipment InfiniBand Connectors, UHDCI 0.5mm Connectors, SSA(Micro D) SCSI ¢º/¢» Connectors & DAS Cable Assembly Coaxial Connectors Cylindrical Connectors Printed Circuit cake forming machine, transform forming mold, egg tart foaming machine oven, folding packaging machine, powder screening machine, food bakery equipments, utensils Manufacturer & Exporter of K/D Modular Steel Racking Systems, Tool & Merchandise Display Shelf SHAFTS, COUPLINGS, KEYS AND CLUTCHES,PULLEYS,CHAINS,GEARS,HELICAL GEARS,WORMS & WORM GEARS,INTERNAL GEARS,GEAR COUPLINGS,PRECISION GEAR,SPROCKETS,PULLEY GEARS,GEARS, PLASTIC,GEARS, INSTRUMENT,SPLINE S Transmission gears ,speedometers,Atv gears,shafts,Primary gears,motorcycle,scooter, Yamaha ,Honda,spur gear.helix gear Tester, O/S Tester, ATE, PCB Test Software, Dedicate Tester, Universal Tester Inverter Battery Charger Grounding Tester DC Power Supply Programmable AC Power Source Uninterruptile Power Supplies Electronic Power Stabilizer Frequency Converter Voltage Regulator electric grinders , All products online corp Manufacturer of industrial tire and tube equipment and machines, include motorcycle tire machine, tire curing press, horizontal bias cutter, cutting machine, bead wire grommet machine, tread line, dru Food and Beverages Meat, Poultry, and Seafood 2510 Cooling Fan Cooling Fan for Industrial Use Notebook Computer, Telecom & Satcom Microwave Components, Technical Services, Voice Mail Systems, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), VSAT Data, Voice Network System (Satcom) One in Series CTI Card Embedded Stand alone, VOIP IPBX System Voice XML Software Integrated Hardware & Software Solation Provider for VOIP, CTI,UMS, H.323 Voice Over IP Streaming Protocol Gardening Material Soap Holder, Soap Dish, Towel Holder, Toothbrush Holder, Tower Hook, Towel Ring, Towel Bar, Towel Rack, Paper Holder, Bath Tray, Shower Basker, Shower Caddy, Bathroom Mirror, Laundry Basket, Bathroom Clothing, Textiles, and Accessories Raw Fabrics Programmable Battery Tester General Test Instruments (I) Digital Multimeters Programmable Milli Ohm Meter Programmable Frequency Counter General Test Instruments (II) Programmable Power Meter General Pillows & Pillow Slips 1 64 Keys Capacitance Touch Sensor Switch Close Sensor IC AND Module No touch Types of Consecutive Measuring IC for Liquid and Security Sensors Control Module for Roll Up Doors Automatic Sensor Module Materials of Resistors Metal Film Rods Cbales, Fiber Patch Cords, Power Cords, Adaptor, Connectors Printed Circuits Board Multilayer Rigid Boards (1) bikes& parts including bicycles, tricycles, parts, tools& accessories including pumps, baskets, baby carriers, locks, kickstands, lights, bells, etc. (2) fitness equipment exerciser bikes, treadmi CASTINGS, GRAY IRON,CASTINGS, DUCTILE IRON,LINERS OF CYLINDER,CYLINDERS,OTHER PARTS OF INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES,ENGINES AND ITS PARTS FOR AGRICULTURE,MONORAIL WITH ACCESSORIES,CYLINDER & CYLINDER L bicycle parts (1) kits bullet proof & sleek glide cable kits, individual cable packs. (2) sealed derailleur cable housing. (3) cables high performance brake cable packs, shift cables. (4) disc compone